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Welcome To Salmon Capital!
Practical, Affordable and Honest Real Estate Support


Hesitant to invest? Concerned about falling values?

Feeling the pulse of a Buyer's Market like we have takes up to the minute knowledge of inventories, price movement, interest rates, subtle changes not necessarily evident to everyone. You can miss the bottom, miss sellers willing to negotiate and wake up to higher prices and higher interest rates.

Information is Power. We'll take the fear away and help you make smart real estate decisions.

Remember real property investing is still one of the best long term strategies for your portfolio!


Value is very allusive in this buyer's market. So much depends on the buyer's profile, their expectations and general perceptions regarding value trends, inventories, sales cycles and financing.

This is perhaps the toughest market to sell in any of us have experienced. Don't go it alone is my advice.

Making your property stand out, pricing it appropriately, good marketing, understanding the market and using a realtor with good market knowledge will get your property sold.

Call Us! You'll be gald you did!


Find the latest real estate mortage information by following these links.

Go to for the latest up to date rates offered by the majority of lenders as well as a great website for specific information related to lending, mortgages, investments, college financing.

Wondering about Reverse Mortgages and how they work? Would this type of program be good for you? I know it was great for my 83 year old widowed Mom. It might be good for you. The most trust worthy and reliable organization to refer to is the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association. They have a great FAQ, a large list of mortage brokers who are experts and who is in your area. best of all, their online tool will analyse your specific situation and recommend options which you can then discuss with your local expert.

The Mortgage Professor, Jack Guttentag writes a syndicated column in the Sunday Seattle Times and is a literal wealth of knowledge. You will be overwhelmed at his website. Jack recommends using a broker from the Upfront Mortgage Broker organization to assure intergrity. Maybe so but there are a number of excellent brokers here in Kitsap that operate at a very high level of ethics. We would be glad to make a recommendation. BR

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Learn About Poulsbo & Kitsap Peninsula
Poulsbo Harbor

Known as "Little Norway," Poulsbo was settled in 1892 by Norwegian loggers, farmers and fishermen who likened the fjord-cut landscape to their homeland.

Stroll down Front Street with its dozens of quaint and colorful shops offering everything from Scandinavian gifts to fine art, fashions, antiques and much more.

If shopping makes you a bit hungry, feast on handmade European chocolates...

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