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Bill Reedy Bill Reedy
Folks, thanks for visiting my web site. Salmon Capital Real Estate started down in Old Poulsbo about 7 years ago right down here next door to the post office. We're not out to be a John L Scott or a Windermere Real Estate Company. We are what's called boutique by choice
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Mission Statement

Salmon Capital Real Estate has been founded to be a successful real estate brokerage focused on the West Sound regional market by providing honest, affordable and strategically well thought out real estate solutions that meet our client's unique needs and exceed their expectations. We make a living by helping your real estate investment choices be the right choices, based on good data, exceptional market knowledge and personal attention to you.

Dealing with lenders, mortgage brokers, appraisers, banks, variable rates, fixed rates, arms and option arms, loan to value, points and the myriad complexities relating to financing or refinancing your real estate investment or your business endeavor or your capital requirements can be daunting at best and usually overwhelming, even for the professional, let alone the general family person or new investor and especially in this current buyer's market and challenging investment climate.

That’s what we help with. We know the property values. We track the mortgage industry. We are paying attention. We are your front line whether buying, selling or just researching. Remember, diversify; that includes real property as part of your portfolio.

The obvious questions we’ll need to address are what do you need?. Do you need financing for your business, income property investment, your new residence or a vacation home, what? All lenders have different requirements in terms of collateral, down payments, credit scores and interest rates depending on the answers to these and other questions regarding your financial strength and the market value of the suggested collateral. And the credit market has just gotten tighter.

Are you needing to sell your place, even in this buyer's market climate. Stuff happens to force you to the table. Are you clear on market value and what will bring the few buyers out there to the table? We can help with sales comparisons, current stats, market trends and full-on negotiating representation to ensure you get the best value, whether a seller or buyer.

Selling your asset of course requires the most professional and aggresive strategies these days. Syndication to all the some 35+ web sites where you/your broker can market your property is/should be a given. Photos, virtual tours and videos are more or less common place these days. Be sure you ask about these media along with the standard signage and MLS listings. But don't forget the standard newspaper and other marketing venues. The market is varied and observes different media and it is important that your broker take advantage of all these options.

So this is where we start.

We help you through the maze of questions and confusion to define your needs, your ability to pay, cash flow requirements, equity management issues and suggest the most appropriate path. Sometimes cash flow is more important than minimizing your monthly payment, depending on the expected appreciation of your investment and the income/tax implications. Sometimes you’re just trying to buy your first home and your short on down payment yet understand the long term value of real property ownership to your family.

We can help get you into your home.

Salmon Capital is affiliated with multiple mortgage brokers who have access to well over 100 lenders nation wide. With these kinds of resources to draw from and the multitude of loan programs available including the latest government programs for assisting the lending/mortgage industry, you have a lot of options.

Give Salmon Capital Real Estate a chance to help you. We'll make sure you're needs are met!