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Brokerage Services

Your first move needs to be attending a consulting meeting with Salmon Capital. It is during this consultation that your particular needs are determined. If you are considering selling your property this consulting will develop a marketing plan based on your particular property and planned personal involvement with the process. Regardless as to whether your property is your home, income property, vacant land or a business for sale, this marketing plan is what we will execute. That said, the Salmon Capital Real Estate brokerage will:

  • Execute the Marketing Plan
  • Monitor the transaction through to close of escrow
  • Obtain and review preliminary commitment for title insurance to ensure clear title
  • Negotiate and defend market value
  • Ensure all contractual milestones are met
  • Ensure all parties are in legal compliance with WA statutes
  • Weed out phony buyers
  • Protect your Assets

As a buyer we won’t develop a marketing plan during the consultation. Rather we will determine what you need, what you want, your range of requirements and your financial strengths. The brokerage will than seek to match properties to these criteria; acting as your counselor and confidant. To this end Salmon Capital Real Estate brokerage will:

  • Assist and refine market search
  • Advise on values relative to market conditions
  • Work to help match your unique needs with property
  • Show properties to you
  • Negotiate best price
  • Open and manage escrow process
  • Ensure clear title
  • Protect your interests, privacy and confidentiality
  • Manage Inspections
  • Work very hard to exceed your expectations

So no matter whether you are selling or buying our goal is to make you happy, keep the money in your pocket and be your long term resource for real estate support. This is a referral business so satisfied clients are the best business plan anyone could have. Come and see us. You’ll be glad you did. BR