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Great Barn w/almost 3 Acres Pasture

Rent a Space or Rent it All

Outstanding Old Barn with almost 3 acres of pasture. $300 per head self service for first 2 animals. $1000 per month for up to 4 Head. We can handle more at $150 head. Max about 8.

There are 4 stalls, 2 inside the barn and 2 outside. All stalls have floor mats. Also a 2 to 4 capacity winter paddock connected to the barn stalls. There is a hay loft. Gates are lockable. Fence is electric.

Lots of room for whatever you want to do, raise, park, etc.

Adjacent to Suquamish Way and Totten Road intersection. Close to Bainbridge. Close in and convenient but very private.

Terms are $300 per month self serve for up to 2 head. Any additional animals cost $150 per month. Maximum of 8 head.

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